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New Album "Über Bord!"

The bands 4th studio album is released worldwide via MIG Music. It is availbale as CD, digital download and a special limited run of 500 in a gatefold sleeved double vinyl! The cover art on the vinyl version is different.

The Album features loads of hand played instruments such as precussions, synthesizers, mandolins, recorders, saxophones and of course guitars, basses and drums. Looking on the instruments used, it is by far the most excessive release of the band. Looking on the songs, you´ll find a mixture between all the previous releases. The Album includes 9 songs, a playing time of 65 min.! 

Recorded by Squintaloo.
Mixed by Ingo Krauss at Candybomber Studio, Berlin.
Photography by Waldemar Brzezinsky.

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Click here to switch to Squintaloos YouTube channel for Videos feuturing the "Über Bord!" Album.



squintaloo sibirskoblast album "Sibirskoblast": The last record until now released in 2009. Six songs with no Synths but twin Guitars and Vocals.
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squintaloo CD "Squintaloo". 7 instrumental songs. Little more Synth-orientated than the debut. Kind of epic. A very difining Album for the Band.
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squintaloo latantrige CD"Latantriga, Latantriga": The Bands debut is a live studio recording on audio tape! Still fresh today. Originally printed in a limited quantity of 500 which quickly sold out.
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